What am I doing now?

  • I’m blogging, both to clarify my thoughts and to provide a useful reference for readers.
  • I’m learning to code by making a game. It’s fun, and I’m learning how to work in a small team as a coder. I also want to learn more about web development, SQL, distributed version control, and machine learning.
  • A few years ago I learned how to rewire my brain. I’m currently using this to increase my extroversion.
  • I’m chatting with and e-mailing new people. I love hearing different views and opinions on things. Email me!
  • I’m reading on a variety of topics, especially on human ethology, tacit knowledge, European social frictions, and Chinese political economy. I prefer primers, blogs, and books, in that order.
  • I work in Hong Kong as a portfolio manager at an asset management company.
This page was inspired by Derek Sivers. Last updated: 30 June 2018